Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Jesus Christ and a message of hope to everyone we encounter, as well as be of service to those who aid the poorest of the poor.

About Us

Mission of Mercy is a non-profit, Catholic organization comprised of volunteers who want to dedicate their time and efforts to aiding charities in the poorest parts of the world.


We aid organizations that promote health, educational and social programs, mainly in developing countries.


Knowing that nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide live on less than US $2 dollars a day, and more than one billion suffer from chronic hunger, our aim is to assist and create projects in developing countries to help people improve their quality of life. We do this through projects and programs that allow them to become self-sufficient.

Our projects include collaborating with other non-profits to maximize our impact on current efforts. We choose different projects to take on and devote our full focus and attention to its goals until each one is complete.


Our Programs allow anyone wanting to make an impact to become involved. It includes sending out ambassadors to raise awareness on a local and global level as well as holding fundraising events to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering in places we aid, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Meet the Volunteers

President: Teresa De Jesus

Our current efforts have been focused in aiding  Fundacion de la Misericorida, located in Madrid, Spain. The foundation is run by Fr. Christopher Hartley. Mission Mercy has chosen to partner with Fr. hartley's mission by supporting his projects in Ethiopia which include but are not limited to: raising funds for a windmill, assisting in the construction of a school, and the Tamara Project. Many of our members participate in the annual summer camps and help with the medical clinics as well. For this reason, a large effort is focused on this mission in particular.